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Second Round is complete, we are 3rd Overall


We finished the second round of the Turkish Rally Championship in 3rd position overall. The rally was organized by Eskisehir Automobile Sports Club in commamoration of the 100th year of the Canakkale War in Canakkale. We lost approximately twenty seconds due to lack of confidence in our pacenotes on the opening day which resulted us being relegated to third.

We were back on our cruising speed on Sunday’s stages with corrections made to our pacenotes overnight. The gap was more than thirty seconds to close which was not possible within the amount of racing distance left. However we are happy to collect points from our third place finish in the event. It was also a very positive outcome for our team Castrol Ford Team Turkey. Our teammate has won the rally and this enabled us to complete the rally in first and third positions overall.

During the race we managed to try some new setups with the car, as well as a complete new tyre, the new Pirelli RK. This provided very useful data to us especially considering the upcoming rally will be in similar road conditions. I would like to thank our team manager Serdar Bostanci for this continued support, our technical crew for providing a solid car, and our support team for being at every stage end to help us secure the best results.

You can reach the photos of the weekend from the ‘Gallery’ section and the in-car footage from ‘Video’ section.