The Official Web Site of Orhan AVCIOGLU — We’ve kicked off the 2015 Turkish Rally Championship Season

We’ve kicked off the 2015 Turkish Rally Championship Season


Turkish Rally Championship’15 kicked off in İzmir between 11-12 April with Rally of Ege.

Championship with 7 races will take place in İzmir, Çanakkale, Bursa, İstanbul, Kocaeli, Cyprus and İstanbul respectively. For further information check out the “Calendar” page.

Rally took place in traditional İzmir stages Gödence, Beyler and Efemçukuru with an additional spectator stage in İzmir Ülkü Race Track. While our teammate Murat Bostancı won the race, with the spin and some other unlucky details we crossed the finish line 5th position.

We had a good start on Saturday with the second best time on the first stage but on the second stage we had a spin and got stuck. Unfortunately the reverse gear handle broke while trying to rescue ourselves which meant we ended up losing 3 minutes until we could get our car back on the road facing the right direction. Even tough we had the best time in spectator stage finished the day on the 9th place. With good results taken on sunday we were able to move up to 5th place before finishing the race.

Remembering that this championship has six more legs to go, now we have to focus on the next rally which will take place in Çanakkale in the memory of 100th Year Celebrations. You can reach the photos of the weekend from the ‘Gallery’ section and the in-car footage from ‘Video’ section.